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Commercial Real Estate

Making institutional assets available to retail investors

Creating instant liquidity

Lowering transaction costs

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RED Blocks

RED Blocks is a “Tokenization and Digital Assets Services” platform that offers commercial real estate issuers a low-cost solution to onboard their investors, convert existing or newly issued real estate debt and equity to tokens and make it available on a regulated digital exchanges enabling instant liquidity.

RED Blocks will deploy its flagship product RED X Tokens backed by high quality asset backed CRE tokens governed by our token governance council at the highest ethical standards.

RED Blocks is co-owned by Chesterfield Faring Ltd (CFL). CFL provides deal flow and commercial real estate expertise to the platform and will screen, vet, approve then sponsor each Commercial Real Estate investment in the RED X Tokens. CFL is a direct issuer of CRE debt and equity instruments, provides advice on the entire life cycle of investments and has extensive experience managing CRE assets.

Why RED blocks?


Real Estate Portal

Low-cost white labeled digital portal to onboard existing and new investors on regulated platform

Tokenization Engine

Streamlined platform to Tokenize existing and new issuances that are legally compliant.

Digital Exchange

Seamless integration with secondary digital trading platforms to enable liquidity of tokenized units of issuances.


Ability to trade the Red X tokens and individual property tokens on regulated digital exchange.


RED X Tokens backed by high quality asset backed CRE tokens. The Flagship tokens will have stakes in individual tokenized properties and are curated by token governance council to ensure high quality of digital assets. The RED X Tokens will provide a predetermined annual dividend, paid quarterly, that can be reinvested in additional Tokens or directed anywhere by the investor.

Current Market Problem

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) driven

REITs driven by dividends. REITs retain little income for new acquisitions except by asset sales or costly equity raises, Slow asset growth.

Slow wealth factor using low leverage.

Perpetual model and liquidity but not a wealth creator.

Private funds

Private funds have limited lives. Retail investors have zero access to these CRE assets.

Available to family home offices, billionaires, and institutional investors.

No liquidity, assets are often disposed in a down real estate cycle.

Limited Partnerships/LLCs

Limited Partnerships/LLCs have limited lives, no control over exits, no liquidity, and limited access for retail investors.

Tenants in common

Tenants in common require consensus to dispose of an asset. Loss of control and no liquidity.

Crowd Funding Risks

Limited types of CRE investments available directly to retail investors.

Like all other alternative investments, crowdfunding investments are typically entirely illiquid for three (3) years to seven (7) years.

High cost of capital often more expensive than institutional sources.

Underwrite the assets conservatively. Borrowers receive less proceeds than from other private sources and at higher costs.

Risk mitigation-Have few experienced asset managers/servicing departments causing substantial potential losses and legal costs for their investors in down cycles.

Use third party sponsors and operators. The crowd funders have little or no control over the assets thus possibly causing additional losses.



Lowering cost of entry and exit

Minimal equity raise costs or disposition costs in order to acquire or sell CRE assets.

Offering perpetual life

Tokens provide liquidity so no real barrier for sponsor to sell assets into Tokens.

Instantaneous liquidity

Retail investors invest for a moment, a week, a month, or indefinitely.


Retail investors stay in control of their investment, not the issuer or sponsor. Investor decides what to invest, when to buy, and when to sell.

Current income

Paid quarterly basis. Can be automated to be reinvested in Tokens compounding the wealth factor of CRE for investors or create a predictable income stream.




RED blocks

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Executive Team MEMBERS


Sri is a co-founder of RED Blocks. He is a seasoned Finance, Operations and Technology professional with more than 20 years experience in the Financial Services Industry who has executed numerous strategic projects. He is a long time thought leader in financial technology who has authored a book about crypto currencies and blockchain and serves as an advisor to startups and businesses. Previously Sri was the Head of Systems Planning and Strategic Analytics for the CFO’s office for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, was the Head of Analytics for the Real Estate in Deutsche Asset Management and was Manager of Finance & Technology in Citigroup.

Sri Raju

Larry is a co-founder of RED Blocks. He is a Board Member and investor in RED Blocks. He serves as the Chairman & CEO of Chesterfield Faring Ltd (“CFL”). CFL has almost a half dozen seasoned professionals in the commercial real estate space completing direct investments in debt and real estate equities. The firm and/or Mr. Selevan has completed over $15 Billion in CRE transactions and advisory work. He has held titles as Managing Director at Fieldstone, Inc., Director of Fund Management at Sumitomo Real Estate, plus CEO/managing member of various debt & equity ownership entities.

Lawrence J. Selevan

Soumendra is a co-founder of RED Blocks. He is a seasoned technologist who is a subject matter expert in enterprise systems and blockchain. He has executed numerous projects in the financial services and government sector and facilitated technology deployment for many start ups. Previously, Soumendra was the Head of Shared Services in Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and he was at NYC Information Technology Office assisting with systems implementations.

Soumendra Devgoswami

Blair was an acquisitions officer and a member of the Investment Committee for Equity Group Investments, Sam Zell’s founding and parent company of Equity Residential Properties Trust, Equity Office Properties Trust, and Equity International Properties, LLC. He served in a number of senior executive positions for Equity Group Investments, Inc., including Senior Vice President, Equity International Properties, Ltd. and Senior Vice President of Finance. He was recently the V.P. of Finance at Decon7 Systems, LLC, which is a start-up chemical company and he was the CFO of HDG Mansur Group, in Indianapolis, which managed a $2 billion international real estate fund.

Blair Ashner

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